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Bed Bug Detection

Find bed bug infestations quickly and efficiently.

Think you may have bed bugs?

  • Complete the Contact Us form to schedule a free phone consultation.
  • An Urban Canine Pest Detection dog and technician team will search your home or business. You’re welcome to follow along.
  • If the dog “alerts” to an infestation, the technician will conduct a visual inspection, take photos, and create a report.
  • Urban Canine Pest Detection will provide the report to the pest control company of your choosing.
  • Once your home or business has been treated, our dog and technician team will return in 30 days to determine if another pest control treatment is needed.

Keep in mind

Urban Canine Pest Detection specializes in assisting the technician in the location of bed bugs in hard to find and difficult to get to places. After the initial treatment, the Urban Canine Pest Detection Canine Team will return in 30 days to determine if the pest infestation is gone.

Bed bug extermination is very difficult and needs to be left to the professionals. The over-the-counter “Bug Bombs” that are not approved by the EPA are ineffective at controlling bed bugs and should not be used indoors. There is no quick fix to getting rid of bed bugs. It will take time and patience. There are chemical and non-chemical approaches available. While using one or the other can be effective, an approach that uses a combination of both can be the most effective. This approach is often referred to as integrated pest management or IPM.

How Urban Canine Pest Detection Can Help

Think you may have a pest problem?

Email or Text us: To schedule a phone consultation. This service is FREE.

For Peace of Mind: Not sure you have bed bugs but are getting itchy bumps on you? Our canine team can search your home or business and consult with you after they are done.

Once you return home from a business trip or a vacation, we can check your luggage and other items to make sure you did not pick up any hitch hikers or other potential causes of infestation to your home or business.

Pre and Post-Canine visits:  A pre-canine visit confirms or eliminates a bed bug issue. A post-canine visit ensures the pesticide and other treatments (IPM) did their job exterminating your bed bugs. The canine team will come in prior to treatment to identify the location of bed bugs and the extent of your infestation and communicate with you and your pest company. Our dogs and technicians are a team. If the dogs “alert” to an infestation, the technician and his staff will do a visual inspection for bed bugs or viable eggs, then mark the location and discuss treatment options with you.

Once a pest company has treated your home or business, we will come back in 30 days to let the dogs check the area for live bugs that might still be present. If bugs are found, we will consult with you about your next steps.

The most successful way to combat bed bugs is to have our canine teams come in for a monthly or quarterly routine check. This prevents bed bugs that have already been established in your business or home from becoming an overwhelming infestation.


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