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Why Urban Canine Pest Detection Was Created

Kim’s Personal Story

In 2009, I stayed at a brand-new five-star hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was nice. At two in the morning I was awakened by something crawling on me. I grabbed it, ran to the bathroom, tossed it in the sink and was shocked to find it was a bed bug! The sheets were dotted with my blood; they had obviously had a feast on me. I got dressed, went to the lobby, and showed the bug to the night manager. He was as shocked as I was!

Bed bugs are often associated with terrible living conditions, but they can be found anywhere at any time. Bed bugs prefer to feed on humans and are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. They’re found in difficult to get to places like the carpet under mattresses, electrical outlets, screw holes, behind wall hangings, and along baseboards. They can even get in your cell phone and computers!

Experts believe a recent increase in bed bugs in the United States may be due to more travel, lack of knowledge about preventing infestations, increased resistance to pesticides, and ineffective pest control practices.

This is the reason URBAN CANINE PEST DETECTION was created.

Meet Kim Camera

(with bed bug dog, Deacon)

From the very young age of eight, Kim’s love for animals and the outdoors was nurtured by her parents, and continues today! Every weekend they took her and her brother horseback riding. When Kim was 12 she began to rehabilitate injured wildlife. Her love and passion for animals grew over the years, eventually taking Kim to places all over the world, including a stint helping animal orphanages in Africa. She’s even trained animals in the zoological industry. During Kim’s travels assisting with wildlife rehab, visiting kennels, zoos, and other animal sanctuaries, she kept seeing a need for help in combatting destructive pests. Kim has spent the past ten years training dogs affiliated with federal urban search and rescue (USAR) and human remains detection (HRD) teams. This is when Kim put it all together. While most people can see the signs of pests like termites and rodents, finding them can be difficult. In fact, some pests are so harmful they can be physically and emotionally exhausting to both humans and animals.

Kim has combined her unique talent for training scent dogs with her love for the outdoors and animals to co-create Urban Canine Pest Detection. Along with her husband Greg, they’ve paired up with the best in the country in the fields of scent work and pest research to stay on the cutting edge in the field of pest detection.


Meet Greg Camera

(with bed bug dog, Sherry)

Greg has called Georgia home for the past 40 years, after a youth spent full of adventure and travel! He was born in Utah to a high-ranking Air Force Officer and has lived in Ohio, Michigan, and Montana—graduating from high school in Okinawa. During his travels, Greg was drawn to the family pets and spent a lot of time with them developing his love for animals. Greg also loves the outdoors, and is an avid fly fisherman.  After 39 years with Georgia Power, rising to become one of the top two people in his field both nationally and internationally, Greg retired and has taken an active role in the family business. He’s looking forward to combining his love for his family with his love for their working canines in the field of environmental pest detection and helping bring a healthier environment to you, your family and business clientele.